One Month; You Win Some You Lose Some

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by during our first thirty days, it’s much appreciated! After a month, I’ve a much better handle on a lot of things.  However, to be honest, my strategy on how to pay for the site is not one of them.  The Amazon affiliate linkings got quite a few click-throughs, but not a single purchase.  I’m not sure if folks just hate affiliate links, but 0 for 500 seems like an epic fail to me.=)

I’m going to take a short hiatus from posting main articles (though I’ll still pass along helpful links as I find them) and use that time to re-evaluate the content and maybe offer folks a little more.  I plan on adding a couple of additional SKU’s to the Food Storage Store and quite a few more items to the Gear Store.  I also plan on re-creating the excellent LDS Food Storage Calculator here on Advice and Beans, though without all the noise of the About.com page and with some additional functionality.

I also have begun work on a huge long-term project that I think will be great for the Preparedness/Survival community at large; as I flesh it out and need some input, I’ll begin posting here.

It’s not a vacation, but I’ll see y’all in a few!

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