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Advice and Beans Food Storage Preparedness Article Contest – $500 in Prizes

To give folks a chance to particpate we’re going to run a little contest over the next couple of months!  I’ll be including a flier with all new orders letting people know as well as providing up-to-date information about goings on at the store and blog.

Here’s how it will work.  In 300-500 words (about 1 double-spaced page in Word or Wordpad), answer the question ‘If you could offer 1 piece of advice about food storage, what would it be?’  Alternately, describe a situation where your food storage came in useful in a real emergency scenario.  Feel free to include pictures of your food storage pantry or video as well!

I’ll post the articles as often as I get them, and at the end of 90 days, 3 entries will win a combination of $500 at the store ($250, $150 and $100)!  I’ll also toss in some goodies I have lying around, including a spool of paracord, an awesome bug-out backpack from Rothco and some other great stuff!  And everyone who enters will get at least a cool coupon.

The fine print:  All entries must be new content and become the property of Advice and Beans, though of course you’ll be more than welcome to cross-post on your own personal blog if you have one.    We reserve the right to edit out any personal information and correct minor spelling mistakes.  Send your entries to and if you have any questions please let me know!

Good luck everyone!

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05 2011

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    Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate your entry into our contest!=)

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