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Food Storage For Vets

My wife and I feel very strongly that people should prepare, whatever their circumstance.  Toward this end, we are announcing our program ‘Food Storage Supplies For Veterans‘.  If you know a veteran (or are one) that is struggling and cannot afford to buy Food Storage Supplies but would use them if they had them, please let me know at  Please provide their branch of service, address, and circumstance, and we will send them a free Mylar Bag and Oxygen Absorber combo kit.  To be honest, I don’t know what the demand will be, but I commit to sending at least 3 kits per week.  Plus, any donations we receive for ‘Food Storage For Vets‘ at the link below will allow us to send additional kits. (As a reference, a $25 donation will cover the shipping cost of around 5 kits)

I know it’s not much considering the service our vets provide to this country, but its a small token of our appreciation to let them know we think of them often.

Thanks for the service of our veterans!


06 2014

Sign Up For Our Newsletter, Win Free Stuff!

Hey y’all.  After many years, I have started an email newsletter from folks who opted in while ordering (Yes, I’m a little slow!).  I added a sign up form here (right below our banner) and at our Facebook page.  Every month, each new signup for the newsletter will be eligible for some great prizes like a $50 gift certificate, Lifestraw Personal Water filter, and other goodies.

The newsletter will usually contain 3-4 sections.  The first will be a section for recipes or survival tip.  The second will highlight a product or service we offer.  The third will usually be something about our company and how we operate or what we value.  For example, our upcoming newsletter scheduled for Wednesday, June 18 will include information about a project we are starting called Food Storage For Veterans, to allow us to give back to some great folks in our community.  Finally, we will usually close with a use-limited coupon or a special bigger than our other general coupons.  For example, in the upcoming newsletter we will be closing out several items (about a dozen cases of Gamma Seal lids and Tattler canning lids) and offering them at cost until they’re gone.

Plus, if you have any suggestions, comments, guest articles you would like us to consider, or other item we might include, drop me a line at



06 2014

Upcoming Blog Giveaway – Running 03/31/14-04/07/14

Hey everyone, just a note to tell you that we are sponsoring (with about 4 others) a blog giveaway taking place from March 31-April 7.  We are a sponsor, and are giving away 5 – $50 gift cards to the store, and there are 4 other participants as well, including one giving away a 9 tray Excalibur like the one we use…its awesome and you’ll definitely want to enter to win.

How it works:

There are currently 17 blogs in the giveaway.  Every person can earn a total of 2 entries by liking 2 social accounts (Such as Facebook and Twitter) of each of the sponsors linked at any of the blogs (I’m not actually a participant but a sponsor so you won’t be able to get an entry here), so if you like all 10 social accounts of the 5 sponsors, you will get the maximum 10 entries into the contest.  All the entries will be put into a virtual hat and presto, out come winners!

I’ve been highlighting one of the participating blogs per day over at our Facebook page if you want to check it out (and like us!).

If not, here is the full list (forgive the formatting, I hate copying and pasting from Office, but its better than retyping it all!).  You should go check some of them out; I’ve been reading a bunch of them over the last couple of days, and most of them have beautiful, interesting blogs…I definitely have blog envy!

Full List of bloggers participating:

1. Jennifer Osuch
2. Jane Adams
3. Laurie Neverman
4. Jamie Black Smith
5. Linda Loosli
6. Angela Paskett
7. Julie Sczerbinski
8. Adrienne Urban
9. Chris Ray
10. Mike Prunty
11. Dan DeLaiarro

12. Tammy Trayer
13. Bernie Carr

14. Jodi Moore and Julie Wise

15. Sharon Pannell

16. Colleen Anderson

17. Angela England

Untrained Housewife


03 2014

Remembering Our 4-Legged Friends, Long Term Food Storage For Pets

I’m always thrilled to come home and see Mylar Bags on our freezer!  My wife stored some cat and dog food this weekend.  We buy our pet food in bulk, usually from Petsmart where my wife gets a huge discount twice a year. (Although we will gladly pick it up anywhere we find a deal, sometimes at Walmart, and occasionally in other pet stores we go in.)

Cat and Dog Food

Cat and Dog Food

The main thing to remember about pet foods is that most contain oils that can go rancid over time.  (Sometimes the food will still be edible and provide calories, but will taste bad and can sometimes cause illness).  While I recommend rotating pet foods yearly to avoid this, we’ve had good results when testing foods we’ve stored up to 2 years old.

Because our dogs are small (smaller than our Cat-Puma), my wife stores food in gallon bags.  If your dogs are larger, 2 or 5 gallon bags might be more appropriate.  We’ve taken to storing food that we will use within 12 months in totes, for both visibility of what we have, and because they stack nicely and fit on our racking more conveniently than buckets.  For us, that means about 200-300lbs of various pet foods.  If you have the space and are attached to your pets, I would store the same amount of days of food for them as you do for yourselves.

Arnold guarding the baby

Arnold guarding the baby



03 2014

Lifehack – Being Uninsured and Making Cash Payments

As a little bit of a follow up to my last post, I wanted to do our first ‘lifehack’ post.  Basically, a lifehack (credit to is a little tip to make life easier or more productive.

Here’s one we learned due to my wife lacking insurance:  offer to pay cash up front when at the doctor’s office.

Every doctor we told we didn’t have insurance to offered us a minimum cash discount of 35%.  The anesthesiologist, where the bill was over $5000, gave us a 50% discount.

To get on my soap box a little bit…imagine how much cheaper medical services would be if our insurance system (both the old system and the new) were simpler and more effective.  Basically, most practices require several office personnel just to file insurance paperwork.  So offer to pay them cash, and they’ll take a big chunk off the bill.

More Thoughts (You can skip this, math coming!)

To be honest, I am considering whether it is in our best interest to actually cancel the new insurance I have on my wife and girls.  Here’s why:  We are paying $462 a month for their premiums, on top of a $11,000 family deductible.  Essentially, I would have to be out of pocket $16,500 or so before the insurance picks up anything (this isn’t counting my insurance and premiums).  Assuming all our doctors continued giving us a minimum 35% discount, we would be able to buy $25,000 worth of medical care for that same $16,500.

The one thing insurance of this type is essentially good for is catastrophic care.  I have a catastrophic policy on myself that runs $83/month, with a $10,000 deductible.  To me, this seems a reasonable precaution.  I spend $1000 a year to ensure an illness that occurs to me doesn’t bankrupt the family (this really defines the word ‘insurance’, which nowadays isn’t really how folks expect ‘health insurance’ to work).

Just for premiums, we are paying $6540 a year.  At our 35% discount that is about $10,000 worth of medical care.  My question becomes, what are the odds our family uses that much medical care, and is the risk of something catastrophic occurring worth being our 2nd largest expense?  If we only spent $300/month on medical care, that would be a savings of $245 to our budget.

I don’t know what we’ll do yet, but its something to ponder.


03 2014