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Oxygen Absorber Info Video

Our 2nd attempt at an informational video. The camera is a little shakier without my wife to help; I’ll have to draft her from now on. We’ll keep getting better at the technical aspects I am sure. My wife said she needed a new photo camera; maybe we can find something that takes some better video/sound as well. Suggestions of videos folks would like to see are welcome!



07 2012

Mylar Bag Alternate Uses Video (Envelope and Ice Pack!)

It’s odd to me, but it seems I can make a video a whole lot quicker than a blog post.  So I’ve decided to do a hybrid for the blog.  When I start my next post series, I’m going to do a video synopsis as well.

My wife and I did this video this morning on two alternate uses of Mylar bags, as shipping envelopes and ice packs!  If we do ok on Youtube, we’ll definitely invest in some better equipment, as I know the audio isn’t great.

I hope you’ll let me know what you think!


07 2012

On the Prepper Broadcast Network with Katzcradul, July 5 at 8pm CST

Hey everyone, very quick note to let you know I’ll be on the Homestead Honey Hour with the awesome Katzcradul tomorrow night, July 5, from 8pm-9pm.  This is the promo trailer and let’s you know how to log in to the show and the chat room.  We’ll be talking food storage and prepping I’m sure, but most of the questions will be from the listeners, so it could range almost anywhere!  Hope to see you there, thanks! 


07 2012