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Faster Please – The Next Generation of Quick Wound Treatment

It’s not a replacement for Quikclot yet, but this sounds like it will be a great addition for both military and civilian use.xstat


02 2014

A Long Weekend Behind and a Long Week Ahead

My wife told me yesterday that she was actually tired of shopping; I couldn’t help but laugh!  That is probably not something a guy hears every day, but she spent several hours with her mom at Walmart on Friday and came out with 2 buggies full; she said the cashier actually took a break she had so much stuff.  She went to Costco yesterday and got another full load.  Basically, we doubled up on the staples in our storage pantry.  Oils (olive and corn), peanut butter (both my organic and her Jif), nuts, flour (both regular and gluten free), Bisquik, light bulbs, paper towels, tissues and toilet paper, and on and on.  Let’s say we took the advice given 2 posts back literally…I’d rather have basics and consumables in my pantry than excess cash in the bank right now.   We even got a little gas pump like they use for boats (14 gallons) and filled that up as well.

This article in the Wall Street Journal is just one of dozens I’ve read recently about rising food inflation; so if you are going to eat it anyway, folks, you might as well buy it now.  I’m going to take another look after we get our backorders out tomorrow and make another run myself to fill in any gaping holes…maybe another propane tank or two, some charcoal for the Bubba Keg, and some 5-gallon water jugs, for starters.

The enemy in my mind is not ‘the end of the world’, but simple inflation, which is in full bloom (and has been for at least a year).


05 2011

Bucket Combo – 1 Gallon Buckets, Mylar, Oxygen Absorbers

I am at the limit for the number of items I can have in our current store. So, pending upgrade (next week I hope), and because I’m interested in testing Paypal buttons anyway for some other products, I officially offer here at Advice and Beans the ‘Awesome Bucket Combo’:

Awesome Bucket

It includes 9 Awesome 1-Gallon buckets, 10 – 1-Gallon Mylar Bags to put in the buckets, and 20 – 300cc Oxygen Absorbers to go in the bags.

When I got a look at the buckets for the first time last week, I was very impressed, and not just because I am selling them. At our house, my wife has already said we will use them for any number of things, including storing tools or knick-knacks as well as for smaller quantities of flour or sugar. They are solid, have read plastic and metal handles, and come with gasket seal lids.

You may purchase the combo for $51.99 by clicking the Paypal Button immediatley below ! Let me know if you have any questions at public@adviceandbeans.com.


02 2011

Winter Update, Blizzard Edition

Hey everyone, I wanted to update everyone on what’s been going on here at Advice and Beans.  We’ve been absolutely swamped with orders since before Christmas, which is good in that the word is getting out about food storage and preparedness!   There’s a lot of great stuff going on behind the scenes here and we’re going to try to do a lot for the community and our customers in the coming year.  Here are some of the improvements you may or may not have noticed over at the store:

  • We have moved to a Free Shipping pricing model.  All items at the store, unless otherwise marked, ship free!  However, please notice that even so, our prices have decreased over 10% as we continue to increase our buying power and pass that savings on to our customers.
  • We are offering Oxygen Indicator Tablets, which folks can use to measure the oxygen levels in their food storage, test Oxygen Absorber packs, and any other experiments they might want to do.  They turn blue in the presence of oxygen, and red when there is no oxygen present.
  • We are offering Humidity Indicator Cards, which do the same thing as the Oxygen Indicators, except for moisture content/humidity.
  • My wife has insisted we add some more Zip Seal Mylar Bags to our assortment.  She loves them and uses them in our kitchen all the time.  We are currently offering an 8.5″x8.75″ Zip Seal; if they are successful we’ll look at some more sizes!
  • We are offering our 100cc and 300cc oxygen absorbers in bulk!  Buy a case and save a ton!

We plan on many other improvements to our assortment this spring as well.  We are proud to announce that we are now a distributor of Gamma Seal Lids; we should be receiving our first shipment toward the end of the month, so you’ll see them on our site by the first of March.  Additionally, we sourced some 5-gallon and 1-gallon FDA approved buckets, as we have had a number of people request we stock those.  I expect those to be in-stock next week!  This is especially exciting as both the Gamma Seal Lids and Buckets are from right here in Tennessee, Advice and Bean’s home state!

We are also now a proud Rothco distributor, and plan to carry a small assortment of the very best Rothco merchandise.  If anyone has any favorites, let me know and I’ll try to include them in our first set of orders!

Finally, longer term we also have some more great stuff in store for the remainder of the year:

  • We are still working on a food storage handbook, combining the best advice available from many sources.
  • We are going to do a site redesign to make it easier for folks to find immediate info about food storage, the products we sell, and how to use them successfully.  I’m hoping those changes will occur by the end of March.
  • My wife is going to do the occasional guest blog on how we are using food storage in our own home, recipes, and some other topics.
  • I plan on doing a 70-80 mile chunk of the Appalachian trail later this year, and I am going to do a blog series about my preparations, gear, and hopefully do some posts from the trail if I can find a signal.  It’s not directly related to food storage or preparedness, but I expect the experience will teach me alot, let me learn alot from y’all who might have already done something similar, and maybe even be a little entertaining!
  • We’re going to do some contests here at the blog and offer some great products and gift certificates as prizes.  We’ll be requesting articles from the community about food storage, preparedness, and your stories about how they have positively effected your life.  We’ll do an official kickoff of this by the first of May, but if anyone wants to submit anything early, feel free!  Articles should be 300-700 words, if you like you can include pictures as well.

There’s some other great things planned, including a more active blog and social media presence, as I expect to have some more time to devote to it starting around the end of April.  It’s an exciting time, and I hope you’ll drop in now and again to check us out!


02 2011


Perusing some preparedness blogs, and found a good post on gloves.  I mention it because I’ve bought several pairs of good work gloves…and yet they never seem to be where I can find them when I need them.  I’m going to add a set to my car bag and hiking backpack, so at least I know where some are at all times!


08 2010