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The 8-Page Essential Guide to Food Storage Recipes

Hey everyone, I need your help!  A lot of folks have found our cheap little food storage booklet very helpful.  Because of that, I thought a booklet of food storage recipes would be great for folks who want to store a little something with their food so they know what they can do with it if they need.  My goal is to have another center-fold 8-page guide.  I am thinking a title page, then 7 pages of recipes, 2 per page, for a total of 14.

If y’all are interested, please send me your favorite food storage recipes.  I will cook them up in our house, and the best ones will make the recipe guide.  Any recipe we use will be credited to you, and we will send you a free .PDF version of the booklet as well (or if you place an order at the store, I’ll put a hardcopy when I ship your order for free).  One thing I think would provide more options is to have a ‘base recipe’, and then each would have one or more ‘upgrades’ one could toss in.  For example, a standard potato casserole might be pretty easy to do out of food storage items; however, a blurb at the end of the recipe that says ‘if available, tossing in some cut sausage adds texture and flavor’ would be good to round out the recipe.

Finally, my goal is to use all of the basic ingredients I recommend for a base food storage system (ie. Wheat, rice, corn, pasta, flour, dried milk, sugar, salt etc).  While I love Quinoa, for example, it won’t find its way into the recipe as its not a common food storage item (though I’m so glad we have a couple of buckets worth!).

Thanks, I appreciate any help ya’ll!


02 2014

Our First Comprehensive Food Storage Kit

Something folks have been requesting for a while (well, almost since we started the business!), especially those trying to get others on board with prepping/basic food storage.  I am proud to introduce our new Comprehensive Long Term Food Storage Kit.  It includes everything someone needs to put up around 140-150lbs of food.  We start with smaller bag sizes front and center as they are much easier to use and less imposing than a ginormous 5 gallon bag.

The new kit includes:

(20) 5 Mil ShieldPro 1-Gallon Mylar Bags and (20) 300cc Oxygen Absorbers
(20) 5 Mil ShieldPro 1-Quart Zip Seal Mylar Bags and (20) 300cc Oxygen Absorbers
(40) 2 Gram Desiccant Packs
8 Page Essential Guide to Long Term Food Storage
Oxygen Absorber Bag Clip – To keep absorbers fresh while you work
One-Page Basic Kit Storage Recommendation – What can you store with your new kit? (Pending finalization)
Mylar Buddy Sealing Helper – To help you seal your bags

It retails for $49.99, which is around 10% less than the cost of the components separately.  If we can mass produce a bunch quickly enough, we may be able to knock off another couple of bucks.  Please forward on to anyone you think might be interested!=)



02 2014

How Very Les Stroud! – Blizzard Tree Shelter

Quick survival tip on how to survive a blizzard if you’re stuck in the woods.TreeShelter_29


02 2014

Faster Please – The Next Generation of Quick Wound Treatment

It’s not a replacement for Quikclot yet, but this sounds like it will be a great addition for both military and civilian use.xstat


02 2014

Lifehack – Removing a Stuck Ring

Bookmarked this page a while back, thought it was a cool survival tip on removing a stuck ring without brute force or cooking oil!





02 2014