The 8-Page Essential Guide to Food Storage Recipes

Hey everyone, I need your help!  A lot of folks have found our cheap little food storage booklet very helpful.  Because of that, I thought a booklet of food storage recipes would be great for folks who want to store a little something with their food so they know what they can do with it if they need.  My goal is to have another center-fold 8-page guide.  I am thinking a title page, then 7 pages of recipes, 2 per page, for a total of 14.

If y’all are interested, please send me your favorite food storage recipes.  I will cook them up in our house, and the best ones will make the recipe guide.  Any recipe we use will be credited to you, and we will send you a free .PDF version of the booklet as well (or if you place an order at the store, I’ll put a hardcopy when I ship your order for free).  One thing I think would provide more options is to have a ‘base recipe’, and then each would have one or more ‘upgrades’ one could toss in.  For example, a standard potato casserole might be pretty easy to do out of food storage items; however, a blurb at the end of the recipe that says ‘if available, tossing in some cut sausage adds texture and flavor’ would be good to round out the recipe.

Finally, my goal is to use all of the basic ingredients I recommend for a base food storage system (ie. Wheat, rice, corn, pasta, flour, dried milk, sugar, salt etc).  While I love Quinoa, for example, it won’t find its way into the recipe as its not a common food storage item (though I’m so glad we have a couple of buckets worth!).

Thanks, I appreciate any help ya’ll!

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02 2014

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  1. Lisa Reel #

    When I clicked on your booklet that’s highlighted, it only takes me to a Big Commerce login. No sign up is available. How do I access the “Cheap little booklet?”

  2. 2


    My apologies for the problem; I fixed the link!

    Thank you!

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