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Let There Be Light!

I’ve mentioned lighting a couple of times in relation to morale during a disaster or emergency. Kevin from Survivalist Boards made this video last year about using the solar powered outdoor lights as indoor nightlights. It might not provide the most candlepower, but I appreciate the innovativeness. In the thread where I saw this is a decent solar set-up that would provide much more light, as well as the ability to power some small appliances, though its obviously more expensive than $4 solar lights from Walmart.

If you go this route, Eneloops are your best bet for rechargeable batteries. They are best in class and the only rechargables I buy now.

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05 2010

What can I do today 1? Let There Be Light!

For humans, light not only provides the ability to work when the sun goes down, but it is comfort in times of stress.

As the singular William Shakespeare said:

Now, God be praised, that to believing souls gives light in darkness, comfort in despair.

While water, shelter and food are more immediate needs in times of stress or crisis, often it is a good source of light that will provide the most comfort.

So today, let’s make sure we have multiple light sources available in case of an emergency.

First, pull out your flashlight, check the batteries, and put it someplace you will be able to reach it easily when needed. Me, I stick with simplicity and my main flashlight is a D-Cell Maglite. Not only does it put off great light, it is a very solid item with a comforting weight to it, and can be used as a club in a pinch. We keep our flashlight right next to the TV, as often when the power goes out, that’s where we’ll be.

Next, make sure you have at least a dozen small candles.  Even tea-lights will do.  As in times of trouble I hate to have to look for things, I always make sure there is a lighter or matches wherever I keep my stash of candles (Plus, a lighter is part of my ‘everyday carry’ which we’ll discuss next week).  Although my wife keeps candles in almost every room in the house, our candle stash is also right near the TV and next to the flashlight.

And finally, if you want to follow the rule of 3, pick up an Electric Lantern, or an oil lamp or two (Don’t buy oil lamps from the store; they are a regular yard sale item and we usually pay only $5-$10 for some really interesting ones of much higher quality that the $10 ones you find at Wal-mart.  The Advice-Wife found a great buy the other day and picked up 4 chimneys for $1 each; be on the lookout for these as well.). These items have a higher burn time and put off enough light to play a game by.  Be careful with oil lamps though, and please don’t place them anywhere they might easily be knocked over!


05 2010