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You Live, You Learn

Just to update what we’re doing at the store.

Initially, I set up a shipping profile that I thought would meet the needs of the average customer.  However, in doing so, I opened a can of worms I was unprepared for.  For example, while the shipping costs were very close for the average user within 1000 miles of Nashville, a challenge arose for those users on the West Coast specifically.  They were getting the same rates as someone from Indiana or Mississippi.  Meaning that we were losing our shirts whenever we had to ship to the left coast of the US.  Oops!

In order to ensure accuracy in our shipping policies, I have disabled the custom shipping setup I was using, and have now implemented Actual Shipping Rates for both the US Postal Service and UPS (there is a small handling fee for handling/packaging added to postage).  For most of the store’s repeat customers, you won’t notice much if any difference in your total costs unless you are on the west coast.  Adding UPS shipping means that for heavier shipments, you should now have a cheaper alternative to USPS Priority Mail.  In general, lighter shipments will still go USPS Priority Mail. 

If anyone has any particular questions or notices anything funky with our shipping rates, please let us know and we’ll check on any issues ASAP!

One more update; we’ve added a desiccant to the items we are stocking.  A desiccant is similar to an Oxygen Absorber, except that instead of removing oxygen, it removes moisture from an environment.  We are offering a 10-Pack of 10-Gram Sorb-It Desiccant.  One of these will be the perfect size for your average ammo can, and 2 will protect up to 1 cubic foot from the damage moisture can cause.  They are great for using in your camera bag (if you won’t be using it for a while), with your ammo, to protect leather goods, as well as keeping crispy foods fresh, such as chips or crackers.  

As always, if anyone has any questions or would like to see something in particular stocked, let me know and we’ll take a look!


08 2010

Wheat Shock

One more thought on why we store food.  Earlier this year, the price of wheat doubled after Russia announced a grain ban due to drought.   Having a good supply on hand protects from much of the volatility in today’s food prices.


08 2010


Perusing some preparedness blogs, and found a good post on gloves.  I mention it because I’ve bought several pairs of good work gloves…and yet they never seem to be where I can find them when I need them.  I’m going to add a set to my car bag and hiking backpack, so at least I know where some are at all times!


08 2010

Storage Ideas