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The AdviceWife is right, this meal was excellent. Considering she tells me that I will starve at the end of the world for lack of Pop-Tarts and Grilled Cheese, that’s saying something. I’m definitely the pickiest person in the house, but I do love pasta and chicken, so the Chicken Tetrazzini was a good first choice food storage meal.

Specifically, the pasta was a touch too al dente for me, but that is more likely my wife’s taste than any fault of the dish. I warmed up 2 servings of leftover’s on Saturday and Sunday, added a touch of olive oil and chedder cheese, and it softened up to exactly the consistency I like. I wouldn’t have known it was rice pasta unless it was mentioned in the original post. Any time we can eat a great meal and avoid my wife’s gluten allergy, that’s a signficant bonus.

The meal tasted excellent, and did include two servings of vegetables from our food storage as well (green beans and corn, both $.35/can at HG Hills!) and one not-quite-home-made item in a perfect serving of garlic bread.

Chef T rates this 4 stars!

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02 2011

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