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I sometimes feel I’ve never been made privy to the mysteries of the master bloggers…I often struggle (as folks can tell with my erratic posting schedule) with finding topics I think folks will find interesting.  That’s why those bloggers who constantly have something new going up are always so impressive to me.  I also regularly question the look of a blog, mine and others.  From the very beginning, I’ve tried to find a balance between the blog looking nice and having the site be self-supporting through a couple of small ads.  However, I look at most of the larger preparedness blogs, and I’m astounded by the walls of advertisements there, and wonder if I’m missing out.  To me, those blogs look like a mess.  Even if they provide good information, I find myself asking if they are here for the good of the community, or are they just trying to make a buck?  I would love to link to some of that information, but the reason I haven’t is that I would feel bad sending a reader to a blog like that.  Prepping and survivalism have gotten to be large parts of the popular culture, and there are plenty who are joining the fray just to cash in (and I’m sure some would say I’m doing the same!).

I’d love your opinion.  Am I being a blogging prude?  Would it make you more or less likely to read this blog if I had more advertisements on it, or would it not matter at all?  Do you like the larger survival blogs that have 30 or 40 ads, and think that bringing together a large number of advertisers is useful to the reader?  Do I have too many ads up on the site already?  I’ll be honest, I make about enough for one pizza party a month (for a group smaller than 6 or so!;0), and that’s always been OK with me, as I know I’m not a full-time blogger (and most of that is from folks looking at the FAQ).   Anyhow, please drop a comment or send me an email if you have strong feelings one way or another!

That wasn’t what I was intending when I started this post, but I’ll leave it as I really would like folks input!

Where I was going is that while yes, inspiration for new posts has always been a challenge, something happened in the last few weeks that makes me realize ‘I need to get out more.’  I’ve been working on our food storage presentation and booklet for our seminar in 2 weeks (see the details here!), and just putting the materials together has provided a dozen new posts worth of items I  want to share with y’all, mostly through a group of posts designed for walking a brand new prepper through the steps of building a food storage system.  I am also working on a new post on where to get the best bang for your buck, food storage wise, that I hope to have up before we leave on our trip.  If I don’t completely flub it, I’ll try to put up a recording of the seminar on Youtube, if anyone is interested in an hour and a half of folks talking about food storage.

That said, it should be a good summer of blogging here, so I hope you’ll stay tuned.  And I would like to say thank you to anyone who has clicked on any ad here, or bought something through the Amazon links on the site.  A pizza party every once in a while is pretty cool for doing something I enjoy doing anyway.=)



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06 2012

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  1. jeff Hockman #


    I had commented a while back to you about a few things including when you get a storefront and possibly meeting others in the area. I live in Hendersonville (glenn oaks subdivision).

    I sent you an email with my info but didn’t hear back. I don’t know if you got it or not.

    can you send me an email so we can get in touch. I’ve got one neighbor who is on board with prepping but I really would like to meet others and get as much info as I can.

    Thank you,

  2. 2


    My apologies that I missed it, I just sent you an email!=)

    Thank you!

  3. DC #

    You caught me off guard. I’ve been reading and searching the prep sights. At one point there are alot of people out there saying how bad it will get and cashing in on the profits. To a point that there are really no deals out there. Everyone is out to make a profit. As you asked do we/I want to read sites with so many advertisers, well they go to the sights they feel will make them money. As I feel I want a sight that will lead me with learning and direction. If your sight grows you will have to add more side bars to pay the cost. It is the good with the bad. What I would like is more how to do at home with what we have. The average person dose not have 20-30 acres
    one acres garden plots or 15,000 rounds. Those that do are selling the bad days. I would say pass on the information to the average person. Ie. when I was younger and a private pilot. The flying mags in their beginning ran artical with aircraft in the $5000 to $15000 range. The average person. Now they run articals on aircraft in the $80,000 to $200,000 or more range. I do not know about most people but I’m priced out. Hence do I start planning on prepping to buy another property pending which part of the country I would go, 50,000 to 200,000 and then some. I believe in the prep idea but I would like to see articles talking about the beginning out to about the next five years. I’m not a nay sayer but I do want to plan for the future. Yes there will be those that say just plan one month at a time, you will get there. If I do plan that idea I will be 100 year of age.
    Good articles and good how to do will bring the people back. I truely hope the future brings you the best. One thing in the northeast I’ve not seen many meetings out here, where some of the more important people in the industry should come to. I’m looking for some conferences out here.

  4. 4


    Thanks for the comments, definitely appreciated. To your points on beginning articles, I agree. When I get back from our trip early next week, I’ll start work on a group of posts designed for the very beginning food storer. I’ve taken a stance a lot different than many folks in the ‘industry’, so it’ll be interesting to see what people think (though its no different than I’ve advocated on the site before, just in more formal format).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Mercedes #

    I have been wanting to purchase a good water filter and find that I’m oonfused I want a berkey and yet with my unemployment situation it is very pricy Is the propure any better or should I just save for a berkey.
    my other email address is adamesmercedes@gmail
    thank you for any help Tobias it’s hard when deciding especially living in Las Vegas,Nevada God Bless please advise



    I have used your bags and found them vey helpful in my preps.

    I have not checked out your BLOG until now as I generally follow a couple of others and have been learning a lot.

    I am intrigued by your idea of teaching people to start out small and grow from there. As I have spent the last few years giving preparedness presentations (from the FEMA point of view) I have been frustrated with the fact that I cannot share the knowledge that I have acquired on so many different subjects. I will not profess to be the end all expert on all that is prepping, however I can teach about storing water and what containers to use and not use, several ways to filter/purify it, how to do this the expensive why and or how to build your own. If you are interested I would be willing to be a Bata tester for your articles or if you are looking for something in particular I could be a resource tossing in my 2cents.
    If you are interested contact me.

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