June 15-16 at Prairie Market in Harrison, AR

Hey y’all, just to update you.  We will be in Harrison, AR on June 15-16 for our first official DMB Food Storage Seminar and on-site product sale.   It will be taking place at Prairie Market, an awesome natural and organic food store that has been running a series of preparedness-related seminars.  On Friday night we will be doing a seminar on the basics of food storage from 5:00-6:30pm.  On Saturday we’ll be there most of the day as for the sale, which will feature our most popular Mylar Bags and O2 Absorbers at 20% off our website pricing.

Everyone is welcome either day.  A big part of Friday’s event will be allowing time to do a question and answer segment, so if there was ever anything you wanted to know about Mylar, food storage or O2 absorbers, now is the time to ask.

I hope to see you there!

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06 2012

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