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Our 2nd attempt at an informational video. The camera is a little shakier without my wife to help; I’ll have to draft her from now on. We’ll keep getting better at the technical aspects I am sure. My wife said she needed a new photo camera; maybe we can find something that takes some better video/sound as well. Suggestions of videos folks would like to see are welcome!


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07 2012

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  1. Brenda Paul #

    I received oxygen absorbers from you about a weeks ago…today I opened them, put 17 in a mason jar and resealed the others immediately with food saver.

    I put one in each jar…using new caps and rings. I have read that the caps would pop from oxygen being absorbed and seal the jar…..It’s been about 5 hours and this has not happened….could it be possible I have bad absorbers? They felt like powder in them as your video stated. How can I be sure they are working otherwise?

    Thank you for any advice.
    Brenda Paul

  2. 2


    Thanks for the note, sorry for the slow reply!

    If the cap does not pop, press it down. If it does not come back up, it’s sealed properly with the oxygen removed. This happens fairly frequently depending on the exact jar/lid combo you are using. The odds of having non-working absorbers while the vacuum seal is intact is very close to zero. We turn our absorbers very rapidly; many large companies use our brand of oxygen absorbers in a number of applications. If there were ever a question of efficacy, they simply wouldn’t due to liability issues alone. Because it’s hard to see what they do, many times folks get a little edgy about wondering if they are working or not.

    The three ways the tell if they are ok is the two you used (the pinch test) and the jar. The other is to leave one out for a bit. It will get warm as it activates. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

    Thank you!

  3. Methane Creator #

    Just a thank you note for showing us your products at the Arlington Preparedness Seminar this weekend. We plan on using the 02 absorbers, mylar bags, and Tattler lids two Saturdays from now. Our Waco Prepper Group has been growing for over a year, and food preservation classes continue to draw everyone. Some swear by using the glass jars, others swear by the Mylar bags. I try to teach the advantages to using both. I have buckets that we put up about 10 years ago using plain plastic bags. Trying to rotate some of our stock and share with new members attending classes. The Mylar sure makes it faster and easier for sure. We are still looking for a low-cost home freeze drier. Most are industrial size and cost prohibitive. Again, Thanks and hope your business continues to expand!

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