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Just FYI, we’re back in stock with everything at the Advice and Beans store.  Tomorrow I’ll be updating with the new SKU’s:  7 Mil 8″x8″ bags (these things are awesome; thick, strong, and are among the best gas and moisture blockers on the market!) and 100CC oxygen absorbers.  I got a deal on some great little keychain LED lights as well that will go up also.  They’ll be only $4.00 and free shipping with any other purchase (Amazon retails an equivalent LED for over $8.00).

Thanks y’all!

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07 2010

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    I have a reverse osiosms water purifier under the kitchen sink. The filters need to be replaced every six months. I absolutely love it. I don’t think health conscious Americans drink out of the tap any more. According to the Environmental Working Group, my city has the #9 worst tap water in America!!exile

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