Advice and Beans Updates Summer Edition

So my wife has quit her job to help with the business as well; what an exciting (and a little scary) time!  She definitely provides some needed focus for me, and that is greatly appreciated.  Sometimes the business can get so hectic that keeping my head on straight becomes a challenge.  She has taken over much of the back-end day-to-day operation, and I’ll move more into building the business, marketing, outreach and R&D.  She will still be growing her own business as well (Dog Training and supplies), but until that takes off she’ll be the good right arm of Advice and Beans.=)

Toward that end, I have been approached for a distributorship role with the company who makes many of our Mylar bags.  My focus will still be the consumer sales side, but this will allow me to also sell almost any kind of flexible packaging to small business and commercial customers.  One benefit is I can offer wholesale prices to anyone who needs Mylar bags at prices competitive with or below our competition.  For example, we will be able to sell our 20″x30″ Mylar Bag at the pallet level (5000 bags) for up to 40% off our retail pricing, delivered anywhere in the continental US.  So if you need any type of Mil-Spec, Food, or barrier packaging, let me know and we’ll work up a quote!

As we speak, I have a coder doing a visual refresh on the new website at Discount Mylar Bags.  I’m crossing my fingers, because I have no artisitic ability to speak of, so I’m relying on them to develop a theme and then we’ll collaborate on any finishing touches.  They will also be doing a temporary logo until I can get a graphic designer to do a professional design.  Anyone in the audience who might want to take a shot at it, let me know!  Also speaking of the new site, the 5.5mil Ultra Mylar Bags have been a big success.  In just a few days we’ve sold almost 40% of our inventory.  So if you want some, get them quick!  I’ll have a new order in to the manufacturer ASAP, but with production times I’ll likely run temporarily out of stock for at least a little while.  The new 5 mil 2-gallon bags are also finally in the pipeline and should be available the first week of July.

Finally, my next big task to focus on will be the Advice and Beans Food Storage Calculator (again), a tool that will be able to recommend (based on the original LDS Calculator) how much food you should store, based on the number of days of food you want on hand.  Stay tuned!

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