AdviceNews Volume 1, Issue 9, January-February 2012

I’ve decided to put up our Order Insert Mailer up on the blog at the beginning of each month to allow more people access to the deals and promotions we offer.  This year, I’m also going to be running the newsletter for two months instead of one, as I don’t think we were allowing folks enough time to actually take advantage of them.  Any graphic designers who would like to help me with a new design for the mailer, let me know.  I realize it’s very basic and I’d love to give it a facelift.  If you have any simple food storage recipes we could put in future mailers, send them our way (no direct copies from cookbooks or other blogs please) and we’ll give you $5 credit at the store.

  • Thank you for your order; we will always do our best to earn your business!  If you have any questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions at Food Storage FAQ.  If that doesn’t answer your question feel free to give us a ring at 615-945-0762 or email us at admin@discountmylarbags.com.
  • Thank you for an awesome year!  Our customers and their stories and comments this past year were amazing.  Please always feel free to share or ask questions!
  • Submit an article about anything preparedness or food storage related to admin@adviceandbeans.com.  Include pictures and links.  If we use it on the blog, we’ll give you a $20 gift certificate to the store! 
  • New ProductsPick up a Mylar Bag Sampler Pack at the store.  If you’re new to food storage or wonder which size bag would meet your needs best, this sampler pack can help you decide! (Edit: The sampler will be available soon, we are currently finalizing the contents!)
  • Jan-Feb PromotionBuy any 50’ Paracord and we’ll throw in a random 50’ Paracord free!  A great way to stock up for bug-out bags or general use.  This is the cheapest you will ever see 50’ Paracord!
  • ‘Like’ us on Facebook by searching for Advice and Beans!  We gave away $50 at 50 Friends and $100 when we hit 100 friends!  After we reach 200 friends we’ll do another random drawing for a $100 gift certificate from the store! 
  • Product Updates:  We will finish up our stocking of 5 mil bags in all sizes in the first and second quarter (In December we added a 5 mil 4″x4″ Zip Seal Bag and a 5 Mil 10″x16″ Zip Seal Bag, both Tamper Evident and available in the store now).   If you’d like to see a size or style of bag that we don’t carry yet, please let me know and we’ll consider it for our inventory!
  • Advice for 2012:  It’s just another year, and we can only do the best we can.  Keep moving forward and you’ll be in the best possible position for whatever life throws at you!

Oxygen Absorber Answers:  How do I know if my oxygen absorbers are good?

1:  Check the vacuum seal of the package.  If it is intact, your absorbers are guaranteed to be good if within the shelf life of the product (6+ months after you receive them).

2:  Pinch the absorbers before you use them:  fresh absorbers will feel soft and powdery inside, while used absorbers will feel hard or crunchy, or like a single solid wafer.

3:  Oxygen absorbers will get warm as you work with them.  This can take from 30 minutes to a couple of hours (they will work faster in a humid environment).

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