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Hey, just a couple of quick notes.  I had quite a few folks drop a note about my reference to potentially outsourcing the blog.  Since everyone thinks that is a universally bad idea, even if I am pretty sporadic, I’ve decided that option is off the table!  I’ll just have to invent a time dilation device that allows me to fit 30 hours into a day!=)

2nd, a new survival forum is running a little contest and decided to give away a small kit from the store at Discount Mylar Bags.  To help out, I’ve decided to toss in 4 free 50′ lengths of paracord as well.  All you have to do is go to PrepperLog and sign up and at the end of the week all new members will be entered into a drawing for the prize.  (The fine print: I am not any way affiliated with PrepperLog.)

Finally, while I hope I am not being over-dramatic, I just wanted to mention that with sales being way up across the industry (we’ve more than doubled our shipments since mid-January), supplies are tightening up and there has been some price inflation.  Last March/April there was a pretty big shortage of all sizes of oxygen absorbers in general and several sizes and types of foil bags.  If this spike rides into the spring and we have a double-bump, things could become pretty scarce.  I’m putting in double and triple orders with our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we’re as stocked as possible, so hopefully all of this will be invisible to y’all.  (I will admit that as of this second, I am not satisfied with our inventory position and you may see some sporadic out-of-stocks, but I am working overtime trying to remedy that.) However, if you are counting on putting up some food shortly, you should probably get your supplies earlier than later, whether you shop with us or with any of the other good vendors in our industry.

Keep prepping y’all, thanks!

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02 2012

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