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Our First Comprehensive Food Storage Kit

Something folks have been requesting for a while (well, almost since we started the business!), especially those trying to get others on board with prepping/basic food storage.  I am proud to introduce our new Comprehensive Long Term Food Storage Kit.  It includes everything someone needs to put up around 140-150lbs of food.  We start with smaller bag sizes front and center as they are much easier to use and less imposing than a ginormous 5 gallon bag.

The new kit includes:

(20) 5 Mil ShieldPro 1-Gallon Mylar Bags and (20) 300cc Oxygen Absorbers
(20) 5 Mil ShieldPro 1-Quart Zip Seal Mylar Bags and (20) 300cc Oxygen Absorbers
(40) 2 Gram Desiccant Packs
8 Page Essential Guide to Long Term Food Storage
Oxygen Absorber Bag Clip – To keep absorbers fresh while you work
One-Page Basic Kit Storage Recommendation – What can you store with your new kit? (Pending finalization)
Mylar Buddy Sealing Helper – To help you seal your bags

It retails for $49.99, which is around 10% less than the cost of the components separately.  If we can mass produce a bunch quickly enough, we may be able to knock off another couple of bucks.  Please forward on to anyone you think might be interested!=)



02 2014

Bega, Yoders and Red Feather Oh My! New products, awesome coupons for free products!

For a long time, I’ve wondered about getting into long-term storage foods at our online store.  However, if you know me, you know I don’t want to sell anything in my store that I don’t use myself.  I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be starting to carry some long term storage foods this year.  Better yet, you’ll know that the ones we carry are good!  I’m a very picky eater, and the first 3 foods we are carrying are 3 I eat regularly.

The first, Red Feather Butter, is THE standout long term storage food, and EVERYONE should have a can or a case in their long term storage food.  Not only does it have an enormous shelf life, it is BETTER than regular grocery store butter (and I love butter in general).  My wife and I first tried it at a recent survival show, and ended up buying a whole case because of how good it is.  It is so yummy I eat it on saltines as a replacement for peanut butter on many occasions.  You can also use it for cooking, and it spreads easily.canned-butter

The second, Bega Canned Cheese, is a very reasonably priced storage food that is good for snacking on crackers, using for cooking, and it works well as a grate-able cheese for pastas and the like.  If you lack dairy in your storage foods, you should definitely pick some up (and hurry up and go get your powdered milk as well!).

Finally, Yoders Canned Bacon is just that…bacon!  Yummy!  I realize it’s a little expensive (though we’re cheaper than Amazon!), but at 50 slices a can, even one can be a great addition to your survival pantry.

To celebrate Discount Mylar Bag’s ‘First Foods’, I’ve created several coupon codes to help you sample them for free.  They are:

FreeCan1 – Spend $100 and get a free can of Bega Canned Cheese.

FreeCan2 – Spend $150 and get a free can of Red Feather (OMG it’s good!) Butter.

FreeCan3 – Spend $200 and get a free can of Yoder’s Bacon.  Everything is better with bacon!

FreeCan4 – Spend $300 and get a free can each of Bega Canned Cheese, Red Feather Butter, and Yoder’s Bacon!

These all run through February 28; come and get it!  Mmmmmm!

Thanks y’all!


01 2014

Oxygen Absorber Info Video

Our 2nd attempt at an informational video. The camera is a little shakier without my wife to help; I’ll have to draft her from now on. We’ll keep getting better at the technical aspects I am sure. My wife said she needed a new photo camera; maybe we can find something that takes some better video/sound as well. Suggestions of videos folks would like to see are welcome!



07 2012

On the Prepper Broadcast Network with Katzcradul, July 5 at 8pm CST

Hey everyone, very quick note to let you know I’ll be on the Homestead Honey Hour with the awesome Katzcradul tomorrow night, July 5, from 8pm-9pm.  This is the promo trailer and let’s you know how to log in to the show and the chat room.  We’ll be talking food storage and prepping I’m sure, but most of the questions will be from the listeners, so it could range almost anywhere!  Hope to see you there, thanks! 


07 2012

Inspiration in a Jar

I sometimes feel I’ve never been made privy to the mysteries of the master bloggers…I often struggle (as folks can tell with my erratic posting schedule) with finding topics I think folks will find interesting.  That’s why those bloggers who constantly have something new going up are always so impressive to me.  I also regularly question the look of a blog, mine and others.  From the very beginning, I’ve tried to find a balance between the blog looking nice and having the site be self-supporting through a couple of small ads.  However, I look at most of the larger preparedness blogs, and I’m astounded by the walls of advertisements there, and wonder if I’m missing out.  To me, those blogs look like a mess.  Even if they provide good information, I find myself asking if they are here for the good of the community, or are they just trying to make a buck?  I would love to link to some of that information, but the reason I haven’t is that I would feel bad sending a reader to a blog like that.  Prepping and survivalism have gotten to be large parts of the popular culture, and there are plenty who are joining the fray just to cash in (and I’m sure some would say I’m doing the same!).

I’d love your opinion.  Am I being a blogging prude?  Would it make you more or less likely to read this blog if I had more advertisements on it, or would it not matter at all?  Do you like the larger survival blogs that have 30 or 40 ads, and think that bringing together a large number of advertisers is useful to the reader?  Do I have too many ads up on the site already?  I’ll be honest, I make about enough for one pizza party a month (for a group smaller than 6 or so!;0), and that’s always been OK with me, as I know I’m not a full-time blogger (and most of that is from folks looking at the FAQ).   Anyhow, please drop a comment or send me an email if you have strong feelings one way or another!

That wasn’t what I was intending when I started this post, but I’ll leave it as I really would like folks input!

Where I was going is that while yes, inspiration for new posts has always been a challenge, something happened in the last few weeks that makes me realize ‘I need to get out more.’  I’ve been working on our food storage presentation and booklet for our seminar in 2 weeks (see the details here!), and just putting the materials together has provided a dozen new posts worth of items I  want to share with y’all, mostly through a group of posts designed for walking a brand new prepper through the steps of building a food storage system.  I am also working on a new post on where to get the best bang for your buck, food storage wise, that I hope to have up before we leave on our trip.  If I don’t completely flub it, I’ll try to put up a recording of the seminar on Youtube, if anyone is interested in an hour and a half of folks talking about food storage.

That said, it should be a good summer of blogging here, so I hope you’ll stay tuned.  And I would like to say thank you to anyone who has clicked on any ad here, or bought something through the Amazon links on the site.  A pizza party every once in a while is pretty cool for doing something I enjoy doing anyway.=)




06 2012