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July Updates – It’s Hot Out There Edition!

Quick update!

After much ado, our 5 mil 2 gallon bags are now in stock, and can be found here!  We created a combo kit as well, with 20 5 mil 2 gallon bags and 20 1000cc oxygen absorbers (use 1 per bag).  We are thrilled with the feel and strength of the bags, our supplier has done an excellent job as always!  This is just the start of our move to carry every bag size in a 5 mil or greater thickness, so look for more sizes later in the year.

Secondly, we signed a UPS contract.  This will allow us to ship some things that we couldn’t before based on our USPS-Centric shipping strategy.  For example, starting next week, we will offer 4-packs of Gamma Seal Lids for those who don’t need a full case.  If anyone thinks we should be carrying something in particular, as always let me know!  I love ordering small quantities of nearly anything to test the market, especially if I have order commitments from folks who want something.  This allows you to get something at a discount that you know you want, although it may take some additional time for us to source the item.

For those who have asked, I have small quantities of both our Vacuum Sealer and a clamshell Heat Sealer which are due to arrive next week.  I have pre-orders for 2 of the vacuum sealers and 1 of the heat sealers already, so it’ll be first come first served on the rest.  I am working on setting up a permanent supply chain for these items.  My apologies for the delay in getting these, but the last order with one of our suppliers took over 2 weeks to negotiate, blech.

At the same time the sealers come in, we will also have 2″x3″ Zip Seal Mylar Bags, of the same thickness as our 20″x30″ bags, so they’ll be heavy duty!  My wife made me order these, as she wants to use them for putting up medicines, spices and seeds.  We got a great deal on them so we will be able to offer them to y’all at a great price.

Finally, our food storage calculator is out to bid with several programming companies.  Looks like it will be a bit (ok, a lot) more expensive than I thought to get it up and running with all the cool features I want to add for y’all.  I’m going to put up a donation button on the page where it will live when its finished, and hope that if you find value from it, you’ll consider donating.  Any donations above and beyond the cost of the programming will be used for upgrades you want to see!

That’s it for today, stay cool everyone!



07 2011