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Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!!

First, I want to thank everyone who participated in our Article Contest.  I know putting oneself out there is not always an easy thing to do.  They say that public speaking is the 2nd biggest fear in the world next to death.  I think that’s part of why I haven’t done any official Advice and Beans Youtube videos yet.=)  (Though I do plan to in the coming weeks!)  But you all did great, and I am honored you took the time to enter.  I had some great email exchanges with many of you, and I learned a lot I didn’t know before.  And a special thanks to Don, the first person to ever write me an email about the blog as well as entered our contest.  I never even knew if anyone was there until he said something!=)

Because we had fewer folks participate than I estimated, I’m happy to announce that everyone will receive a cash value gift certificate to the store! (Of course, if someone wants some cool stuff from the Gear Department of Advice and Beans, let me know and I can do that instead!  I have things like messenger bags, camp showers, paracord, drier lint and the like in the Gear Vault.)

Prizes were assigned using a random number generator (Basically, I rolled a die.  I used to play D&D when I was younger, so I have all sorts of many-sided die hanging around!  Yes, geek, me.)

So without further ado *Drum roll*, the winners are:

$250 – Laura

$150 – Tessie

$100 – Alan

$75 – Don

$50 – Tim

$50 – Rob

$50 – BKB

$50 – Teresa

I will have your gift certificates attached to your email addresses in the store by Tuesday morning so you can go shopping!  Again, thanks everyone and a big round of applause!


07 2011