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Food Storage For Vets

My wife and I feel very strongly that people should prepare, whatever their circumstance.  Toward this end, we are announcing our program ‘Food Storage Supplies For Veterans‘.  If you know a veteran (or are one) that is struggling and cannot afford to buy Food Storage Supplies but would use them if they had them, please let me know at  Please provide their branch of service, address, and circumstance, and we will send them a free Mylar Bag and Oxygen Absorber combo kit.  To be honest, I don’t know what the demand will be, but I commit to sending at least 3 kits per week.  Plus, any donations we receive for ‘Food Storage For Vets‘ at the link below will allow us to send additional kits. (As a reference, a $25 donation will cover the shipping cost of around 5 kits)

I know it’s not much considering the service our vets provide to this country, but its a small token of our appreciation to let them know we think of them often.

Thanks for the service of our veterans!

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06 2014

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  1. 1

    hi,i found out about your site from watching a vidio of katz cradle and would like to sign up for food storrage supplies for vetrans.Its hard to gather supplies on a set income. Im a veitnam vet ,branch was USN,its nice to here about folks likeyou .Thanks alot.wetzel.

  2. 2

    I am a USN vet 80 years of age and find I run out of money before I run out of month. I am a Life Member of DAV and depend on the VA for my healthcare. I am concerned about having food when the SHTF.

    A note to your web master: If you want email addresses, do not ask for “Mail”, ask for email address. I entered my “Mail” address, got an error message and had to come back to this page…

    Happy Trails,

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