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Hey y’all.  After many years, I have started an email newsletter from folks who opted in while ordering (Yes, I’m a little slow!).  I added a sign up form here (right below our banner) and at our Facebook page.  Every month, each new signup for the newsletter will be eligible for some great prizes like a $50 gift certificate, Lifestraw Personal Water filter, and other goodies.

The newsletter will usually contain 3-4 sections.  The first will be a section for recipes or survival tip.  The second will highlight a product or service we offer.  The third will usually be something about our company and how we operate or what we value.  For example, our upcoming newsletter scheduled for Wednesday, June 18 will include information about a project we are starting called Food Storage For Veterans, to allow us to give back to some great folks in our community.  Finally, we will usually close with a use-limited coupon or a special bigger than our other general coupons.  For example, in the upcoming newsletter we will be closing out several items (about a dozen cases of Gamma Seal lids and Tattler canning lids) and offering them at cost until they’re gone.

Plus, if you have any suggestions, comments, guest articles you would like us to consider, or other item we might include, drop me a line at admin@discountmylarbags.com.


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06 2014

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  1. Joseph Markovits #

    Merica mylar bags

  2. Sharon Moore #

    Looking forward to receiving your newsletter.

  3. 3

    I really enjoy your blog and site. I am a veteran, US ARMY, E-5, and I’m interested in your products.
    I’m not in need of free things but any discount you would grant will be appreciated.
    Please let me know.

    Kind regards,
    Tom Tunget

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