Upcoming Blog Giveaway – Running 03/31/14-04/07/14

Hey everyone, just a note to tell you that we are sponsoring (with about 4 others) a blog giveaway taking place from March 31-April 7.  We are a sponsor, and are giving away 5 – $50 gift cards to the store, and there are 4 other participants as well, including one giving away a 9 tray Excalibur like the one we use…its awesome and you’ll definitely want to enter to win.

How it works:

There are currently 17 blogs in the giveaway.  Every person can earn a total of 2 entries by liking 2 social accounts (Such as Facebook and Twitter) of each of the sponsors linked at any of the blogs (I’m not actually a participant but a sponsor so you won’t be able to get an entry here), so if you like all 10 social accounts of the 5 sponsors, you will get the maximum 10 entries into the contest.  All the entries will be put into a virtual hat and presto, out come winners!

I’ve been highlighting one of the participating blogs per day over at our Facebook page if you want to check it out (and like us!).

If not, here is the full list (forgive the formatting, I hate copying and pasting from Office, but its better than retyping it all!).  You should go check some of them out; I’ve been reading a bunch of them over the last couple of days, and most of them have beautiful, interesting blogs…I definitely have blog envy!

Full List of bloggers participating:

1. Jennifer Osuch
2. Jane Adams
3. Laurie Neverman
4. Jamie Black Smith
5. Linda Loosli
6. Angela Paskett
7. Julie Sczerbinski
8. Adrienne Urban
9. Chris Ray
10. Mike Prunty
11. Dan DeLaiarro

12. Tammy Trayer
13. Bernie Carr

14. Jodi Moore and Julie Wise

15. Sharon Pannell

16. Colleen Anderson

17. Angela England

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    Hi, I just found you this evening and I’ve been soaking up all your info like a sponge. My biggest concern is water……we live in N. CA, just east of Sacramento, so it get’s pretty warm here. Not to mention being in the middle of a drought. I have quite a bit of Long Term Storage supplies, and honestly hadn’t even thought about short term, 3,6,9,12 months. Sounds crazy huh? I started making Meals in A Jar, from Stephanie’s AKA: Chef Tess Bakeresse and have some wonderful meals put up. Most are good for 10-15 years, but some only 3-5 yrs. (I always cook a meal before dry canning it, to be sure we like it.). I’m very cautious (almost OCDlol)when it comes to using freeze dried meats because they need to be reseated within 24-48 hours. I’m very careful about Contamination. I’ve been told to wash the gallon milk cartons and fill them with water, then refrigerate them in the garage. We buy cases of water and rotate them ( as we’re watching the prices jump with the drought) for drinking. After all of that, here’s my question. My husband and I are on Railroad Retirement aka Social security, and money is tight. We also help our daughter who can only get work part time and has two in college. So my Long Term. goal is for the five of us. Can I leave the large blue water containers outside? What will it do to the water? Is there something I can put in it to keep it drinkable? I’m not an alarmist nor think Armageddon is around the corner. My thoughts are when money is short, having nutritional meals on hand and I like the meals in a jar so I don’t have to cook as much. Lol. Thank you and I’m eager to read as much more on your site over the next few days.
    Yours truly
    Candi Harris

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    Thanks for the note, it sounds like you are on the right track! For blue barrels (55 gallon) add 1 cup of bleach and seal it with a bung, and that should keep it potable for up to a year. I typically recommend rotating your water yearly if you live in a climate that has high temps much of the year.

    I agree completely with your thoughts concerning money and prepping, and I have quite a few posts on financial preparedness and the financial benefits of preparing. It was how I convinced my wife to prep in the first place!=)

    Again, thanks for being here, good luck!

    Thank you!

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